About Compliance Analyzer

We published our first Compliance Database Analyzer program in 2001, when we developed the Compliance Database Analyzer FOR and WITH a financial institution  that was seeking an affordable and easy to use solution.

The improvement and evolution of the Compliance Database Analyzer is 100% driven by the demands, desires and suggestions of our clients.

Our valued clients are in the fields of Banking, Credit Unions, Insurance, Gaming, Auto/Boat Sales and many more. We believe in tools that allow you to be an expert at what you do.

The Compliance Database Analyzer requires no technical knowledge on your part.

Corporate Information

Applied Programs Inc.

1529 El Paseo Dr.
San Marcos, CA 92078
(800) 279-2302

Recent Milestones

06/21/24- OFAC
06/20/24- OFAC
06/18/24- HMS
06/18/24- OFAC
06/17/24- OFAC
06/14/24- OFAC
06/12/24- HMS
06/12/24- OFCL
06/12/24- OFAC
06/10/24- OFAC