Current OFAC/Other List Status
Compliance Database Status: Current   Date of last update:  9/26/2022
SourceDescriptionUpdated On# Records
OFAC(SDN) Specially Designated Nationals List09/26/2270,672
OFACOFCL(OFCL) Consolidated List02/24/224,433
BISBIS - Consolidated Screening List08/31/2212,323
CanadaPublic Safety List02/26/225,179
UKHM Treasury Sanction List09/26/2223,875
EUEuropean Union Sanction List09/14/2221,897
UNUnited Nations Consolidated List02/28/225,815

HM Treasury Sanction List

All material relevant to HM Treasury's work in the area of financial sanctions.
Financial sanctions targets: list of all asset freeze targets.
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